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Dialogue & VO Editing

SFX & Foley Editing

Music Editing

Sound Supervision

The Re-Edit Edit New!

Daytime and flat rates available -- please contact for details and sound package options. 

Audio postproduction is a collaborative process.

Sometimes it's the simple subtlety of the background ambience or the impact of a low-end explosion. Whatever feel you're going for in a scene, sound drives it home: in general, if you don't notice its presence, it's done its job. Our goal is to keep the audience in the scene.

As a sound designer with a passion for storytelling, I seek to work with filmmakers who have a clarity of vision on their projects. Giving life to characters from the page to the screen is an incredibly satisfying role!


My process begins with a consultation and/or spotting session with the project's director or main creator. After this, I get to use some sound editing magic! Once I complete the edit and do a rough mix, I will ask for the director/creator's approval on the content and see what all needs tweaking. I will then deliver the final mix as a printmaster and call it a day.

What's "The Re-Edit Edit"?

This package goes one of two ways:

Option 1 is for any completed project that a client has previously approved and is seeking conforms after the final printmaster has been delivered. This is a separate service from the initial flat rate. 

Option 2 is ideal for clients who have a project that was previously worked on by another sound editor. Perhaps it wasn't exactly within the creative scope, or needs some additional repair. I will sort through the session and give it some TLC.

"If  you don't notice its presence.... it's a sound job done right."

-Gainfully Employed Sound Editors

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